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India has got the full potential to emerge as a global football destination hub.We have a huge human

India has got the full potential to emerge as a global football destination hub.We have a huge human resource with us which no one could question other than China.Our government has started working out plans to bring this game into frontline sports in India.India is now been recognized as future global football hub.
                      As part of promoting football across our nation the fifa has provide huge funds to various football associations across our country.Our government and many privater firms have started providing international facilities across our nation.Many private firms are sponsoring football players.The fifa has been helping various football associations in various states in building and maintaining of football stadiums.The fifa is also providing helping laying artifical turfs in stadiums.They have started picking good football players from various parts of our country,providing them with world class facilites like foreign coaches,helpin them to play international matches outside India,helping them financially,providing good food etc. Government has also started recognizing and helping football players and football clubs in our country.The television viewers for football matches has sky rocketed.We have many huge business firms which have started working out to make profit from the game.Just like cricket we could start football league so that the it could boost the game.We could boost the game by bringing friendly football matches and players in our country.

                      Unfortunately our country has not yet utilized its potential.But we have started realizing our potential.In our country cricket has been dominating all fields of sports but now the situation is changing with the emerging of mass media and internet.Now we have large number of football fans in our country..Its through well planning and sheer will we could bring football to the the frontline sports in India.


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