. Will the Falcao experiment work for Manchester United

Manchester United pulled off the signing of the deadline day by taking Radamel Falcao on loan from Monaco. They have the option to buy Falcao after the loan but they had to take him on loan due to the FFP regulations. This also resulted in the much talked about sale of Manchester’s local lad Danny Welbeck to their rivals Arsenal. It brought about the point of whether Manchester United have broken their tradition by selling a home-grown talent for a ready made very expensive purchase.
There is no doubt about Falcao’s ability as proven by his spells at Porto, Atletico Madrid and Monaco before getting the serious injury which ruled him out of the World Cup. Radamel Falcao is as good a striker as anyone would want, He is two footed, very strong and despite not being very tall is very good in air as proven by the number of headed goals he has scored. Radamel Falcao is one of the most lethal strikers in the world and all the big clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid and Arsenal were after him. In this Manchester United pulled a coup in signing Radamel Falcao on the last day of the transfer window. Ed Woodward redeemed himself to the fans after the horror show of last season in which they bough Fellaini for 4mn pounds more than his Release Clause.
As good as Falcao is there are still doubts over whether he will be good for Manchester United. He had suffered a serious cruciate knee ligament injury which ruled him out for almost 6 months. Knee injuries are very dangerous especially for strikers who have to be very agile and change directions quickly under pressure which puts a lot of strain on those knee ligaments. This could result in a relapse of the injury which would make it a huge problem. Falcao isn’t bought for cheap and losing a player to the injury would be a disaster. He has done well to recover from his injury but unless he remains healthy for the full season doubts are always going to be there about his fragile knees.
There also comes the question of how will he fit into a team which is already top heavy. Falcao will be competing with Rooney and Robin Van Persie who themselves are among the top strikers in the world. All three of them in one team will be difficult to accomodate when you bring into account Juan Mata and the rising star Adnan Januzaj. This is a headache managers love to have in which they have so much world class talent and they have to choose which to use. Falcao can definitely compete against the best in the world and he might even make one of Rooney or Van Persie sit out which will make for a great competition for places which brings out the best in best of the players. Falcao is renowned for scoring goals. He will also have the support cast of high quality of players in Mata, Di Maria , Rooney and Van Persie.
This is an experiment for Manchester United which if it pays off will take them to the top of the table but also make them one of the most feared teams for 4-5 yrs in running.

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