Top 5 Transfer Rumors: Who’s linked with whom??

Top 5 Transfer Rumors: Who’s linked with whom??

Whenever there is an International break, rumors are always buzzing around certain players.


Luis Suarez certainly tops the charts. He went to Uruguay for World cup qualifiers against Paraguay where he openly admitted that he might be looking for a Liverpool exit to taste European football success.


There are many talks of various clubs looking to strengthen their squad come next season.  All the big guns like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Juventus & Real Madrid feature in our latest Transfer Talk of the week.


      1.    Luis Suarez - Teams interested: Man City, Bayern Munich & Juventus

  • Luis Suarez has certainly put many top-flight clubs on alert,     but more importantly Roberto Mancini’s Man City.  The Italian has     openly admitted that he needs to strengthen his teams striking department     and wanted to bring Suarez last season but failed to do so. But this     season everything looks to fall in place and even Luis Suarez wants to or     at least has show indications to make his next step.
  • But Roberto Mancini will have some stiff competition as     Pep Guardiola the new manager for Bayern Munich next season.  It will     be easy for Pep to land Luis Suarez in Bayern Munich considering his brother     Pere Guardiola is Luis Suarez’s agent.  Even Juventus boss has great     admiration for Luis Suarez and wants him in their team to continue their     domination in Serie A and Champions League next season.



      2.   Edin Dzeko - Team interested: Borussia Dortmund

  • Edin Dzeko the ‘Super Sub’ in the Premier League has attracted     attention from the Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund.  The highly     talented Bosnian is unhappy with the lack of playing time in Manchester City     and Roberto Mancini feels he might leave in summer and Borussia Dortmund     are the front runners to sign Dzeko as they are due to sell their leading     man Robert Lewandowski.


      3.   Yaya Toure - Teams interested: Chelsea & Real Madrid

  • The highly talented midfielder Toure is on Chelsea’s radar     and he has reportedly told Manchester city that he will leave in summer if     a new deal is not given to him.  Apparently Real Madrid is also in     race to sign the Ivory Coast international to strengthen their team as he     will perfectly fit into to Jose Mourniho’s team.


       4.   James Rodriguez - Team interested: Manchester United

  • Sir Alex Ferguson wants to strengthen his flanks and after     woeful performances put in by Valencia and Young this season has made Sir     Alex desperate.  James Rodriguez the highly talented FC Porto winger     is rumored to make a 36 million pound move to Old Trafford. 



       5.   Radamel Falcao - Team interested: Chelsea

  • Falcao and Chelsea it’s a never ending saga for the         time being.  But,     recently Chelsea officials have spoke to La Liga side Atletico Madrid and     this time it is a confirmed report from Spain that Radamel Falcao will     land in England come summer for an undisclosed amount.  Chelsea is     also linked with Yaya Toure, and Shakhtar Donetsk’s Henrikh     Mkhitaryan.   They are also in chase of  Bayer     Leverkusen’s striker Andre Schurrle.



 So these are the latest transfer talk rumors happening this week and some of them seem to be almost certain.


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Rohit Singh

lemme correct you toure hasnt said this his agent is saying this...and in modern football they do these things just to earn better package...Toure about 1month earlier has said that he is happy here and would love to end his carrier at city......Dzeko is very much possible.....Falcao to chelsea definitely 90% yes Chelsea need a striker but FFP might hold them.....Suarez 50-50.....depends on their CL qualification nd how much juventus can pay.....all in all this is going to be a very busy summer transfer for EPL....

bharath kumar

Hmmm I agree with Yaya Toure thing but rest all of them are definite ones so yes this season will be one of the busy summer transfer for EPL. And Suarez somehow I believe will leave Liverpool, though I am big Liverpool fan, I think a player of his stature should be competing for the best and with the best and Liverpool at the moment can't offer neither of them.

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